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Product Name: Program Card
Item: DY-1014
-ESC: Connect with ESC-set
-External power: Connect external power(4-6V). You should connect the ECS with                  external power of 4-6V if the ESC without BEC

-Brake on: brake is active
-Brake off: non active brake

-Normal Motors: for2,4,6pole motors.This timming gives maximum efficiency.
-Out rnnners: strongly recommended for outrunners

-Cut off type hard: motor is fully off immediately after reaching cut off voltage
-Cut off type slow down: motor turns off slowly by power reduction

-Throttle curve linear: half throttle is equal as 60% of maximum RPM
-Throttle curve logarithm: half throttle is equal as 80% of maximum RPM

Default Voltage:Cut off is set to 0,9V per cell for NiXX,3,0Vper cell for Li-XX

Program Card Manual

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