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Product Name: Extra330
Product Description: 4CH RTF/ARF RC Airplane
Item: DY8923

Wing Span:94.4cm/37in
Wing area: 14.6dm 2
Flying weight:510g
Wing loading:34.8g/dm 2

DYNAM.Extra 330 It is an airplane which can bring you the infinite fun, match the mighty brushless motor system under the design that with meticulous care of the engineer, make it have a good appearance, and can let you complete a 3D flight.

It is include a 5CH Receiver that designed recently, making your flight more far and more safe.Canopy that spraied the paint, and included an airplane pilot 、 the wing be strengthen use carbon.let your flight do what you want to do. 11.1 V,1250 Mah, 10C 、 90% RTF!

Look nice ? fly 3d ? Erxtra 330 do it for you !


FMS   Erxtra 330_Movie
Item NO: NE-KO 4
Channel: 4 channel
Modulation: FM
Weight: 8.4g
Torque:4.8V 1.5kg-cm
  Brushless Speed Controller
Continuous Current: 18A/25A
ACCU Nixx/Lixx: 6-10/2-3
Dimensions(mm): 52×25×7
Weight:18/35 g
Type: FM
Channel: 5CH
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